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Kauai -2013

Another great adventure to my favorite Island – Kauai. I am out of my comfort zone a bit because I have been shooting Canon for the past several years and this trip I left it at home an am experimenting with the Nikon D800…. It has taken a few extra moments to grasp the different controls but I sure do like the extra size of the files and the sharpness of the images.

The path to Queens Bath is a short slippery slope, but offers some awesome views along the way… This image was a five shot pano using a Zeiss (super sharp) 35 mm lens.

Pathway to Queens Bath

The little stream shown in the lower right of the pathway image above finds its way down to the ocean… I climbed down into a little caldron shaped area and waited for the sun to drop below the edge of the rocks. All black rocks soaking up the heat from the sun and NO breeze…It was a pretty long wait and it was like sitting in a sauna. I think I may have added as much water into the ocean as the little stream. The moment came and it was like magic. The little stream sweetened the salty ocean and offered up a fun image just for me. I ended up using three exposures for this and blended the sky from the 2 stops under exposed image for the sky and the 2 stops over exposed image for the rock in the foreground. I used a 14-24 mm Nikon zoom lens for this image. the expose varied from 1/10 of a second to 1.6 seconds…. Kinda wish I had a neutral density filter to slow down the shutter even more, but maybe on the next visit to this beautiful place…


Photo Journey – Palouse and beyond

Just completing a great week of shooting in the Palouse, Washington Area with Wayne Fox. This part of the country is unique and so enjoyable to just drive around and explore.

The first morning was so calm that the sprayers were out.  We were about half way up a “hill” called step toe and could look down on the airplanes as they sprayed the fields. The pilots are skilled and follow the terrain of the fields.


The balance of the  images are some of my personal favorites… Let me know what you think.



Photo Tip… Keep it Simple!

We see everything with two eyes…. both eyes are constantly adjusting to the world around us. We see the detail in deep shadows and in a fraction of a second we see detail in the brightest of highlights. Our eyes also sharpen everything we glance at making it nearly impossible to remember all the detail (and the out of focus blur) at any given instance.  We have a hard time actually seeing things as the actually are. Our brain blends them into constantly changing images that we see in our minds eye. All this happens at incredible speed… so fast we don’t even realize it.

Our Camera, however, captures a “Slice of life”. One plane of focus and one exposure. If we use a “normal” lens (40-55 mm) and a small aperture (Large number) the image will appear to be closest to what we remember we saw in “real-life”.

Great Images that stand out in our mind are usually captured with a lens that does not fit into that normal range… and some of the more intriguing images display a very shallow depth of field (when the area of acceptable focus is shallow or narrow). Maybe these images stand out to us because we don’t think we see the world like this but it triggers something in our sub-concious that tells us it is an exact replica of what we actually did see. But then again maybe we “like” them because they look so unique…

Our cameras use of selective focus allows us to enjoying the “blur” of life.

With all that said, may I suggest that we try to keep things simple in our image. Don’t clutter it with “stuff”. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using a long lens (85mm and higher) that eliminates background distractions by narrowing the field of view. These longer lenses also enable us to simplify images by using a “wide” aperture (smaller number) that provide us a narrower depth of field. Thus, blurring any distracting items that could draw your eye away from your desired focus.

Flower on the edge of Bryce Canyon

2 weddings… 2 weeks apart… 2 Sisters… both are my daughters!

Somehow amidst the craziness of that summer two years ago, I neglected to post any images of my two youngest daughters wedding photographs. They are both such wonderful kids and they both married wonderful young men!
I love… you and offer this delayed congratulations to both of you!
Audrey and Matthew – July 10, 2010
Emily and Joe – July 23, 2010
Angie Holly - July 21, 2012 - 11:21 am

Gorgeous photos! You’re always an inspiration! Congrats to them!